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Hello there, my given name is Buster but everybody calls me Cookie, I am a sash window fitter currently living in Livingston, UK. My favorite passions are philately, flower growing and exhibition drill. I grew up in in Hounslow and went to University of Manchester. I have a sister Alana and a brother Clark, I've a pet goldfish called Gilbert. I own a sash window agency and help homeowners with their sash window requirements

If you need to get sash windows installed in your home, or you have already got sash windows and need to get them repaired or replaced, you will have to look for an experienced craftsman nearby who can carry out this task for you. It's no use bringing in a handyman oo "jack of all trades" for this type of work, seeing as sash windows must be fitted properly if they are to give good service for many years to come. This is the case whether you want Georgian sash windows, uPVC sash windows, wood sash windows or Victorian sash windows, and you need to make certain that the style of sash windows you choose matches the design of your house. Sash windows are generally manufactured in your local window factory or joinery works and can therefore be bespoke to fit your home, as you'll almost never find ready-made sash windows that will precisely fit your requirements. If you visit our brand new sash window website you'll obtain lots of information about sash windows and sash window installation and you will be able to pick out an excellent sash window installer in your neighbourhood. Anyone who you decide to employ should be carefully checked out for excellence. Browse reviews online and get references whenever possible, so that you can make sure that they'll do a decent job and not con you or rip you off with dodgy sashes.

Wherever it is practical you should ask friends and family for testimonials of local sash window installers in your town, seeing as word of mouth is the best kind of recommendation and if somebody you know has had sash window installation work conducted, and been delighted with the end result, there is a fair chance that the sash window installers involved will do a decent job for you as well.

In terms of selecting sash windows, there'll be several aspects to think about, and not only the form of window you need. Sash windows are manufactured from a range of different materials, each having their own pluses and minuses. The original sash windows were crafted from wood, however nowadays you can also buy sash windows in aluminium, UPVC and plastic, though a lot of property owners prefer the traditional hardwood ones.

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