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How to Review an Essay

After putting so much effort into brainstorming, writing, and structuring your essay, a student must review the essay. Many of the students skip this part and submit the paper as they just want to get it over with. Even during examinations seldom does a student go over for checking structural, grammatical, or spelling errors, even if they have time.

It’s even better to use online writing services that provide an essay writer or editor to have a look at the essay and correct it on every level.

Regardless, during assessments seldom does a student go over for checking fundamental, semantic, or spelling abuses, regardless of whether they have time.

To do write my essay task you will have to check its structural integrity, the quality of content, punctuation, grammar, and spelling. 

Structure and Content

This part of the review should come first and foremost. As you still are writing, if you need to tweak a thing or two. The structure and content of the essay will be judged against the salient parts of the college essay. Each paragraph will be judged for its content and the flow of information.

Things that you should look for at the structural level:

  • If the hook is present in the introduction and is placed at the optimal position.
  • Whether the thesis statement clearly explains your intended central argument and how you are going to proceed with it. 
  • The presence of the clear and precise topic sentences that tell what the paragraph talks about. 
  • The flow of information in the body paragraphs. The information should go from general to specific--the evidence and statistics. 
  • You should check for a warrant at the end of each body paragraph that should be at the end of each body paragraph connecting the argument back to the thesis statement
  • The conclusion should be checked whether it includes all the salient points.

Additional things to check would be the good use of transitions, grammar and punctuation,  the use of active voice, and sentence level word choices. A professional is more apt at correcting these errors, but with enough practice and know how you can do them yourself.

Peer-review and Proofreading

It’s easy to proofread the text using online proofreading software and tools.  Sites and tools such as Grammarly and Hemingway Editor are available free to check for the basics of mistakes. 

After you run the text through these editors it is then your turn to pass your essay on to another person to read it, it can be a friend or someone from your family. They will give you feedback on things that might have slipped past your eye. They can also give you tips to improve upon the writing and make sure to be open to opinions at this point. 

Once the peer-review is done and the essay is further edited, it is time to put it under the microscope for the last time. 

The last step will involve proofreading techniques such as reading the essay backward and checking for similar sounding words that the spellcheckers might have missed.

Get feedback

In the event that your educator has outlined the essay by online essay writer pro, request that the individual being recommended give you assessment on your essay. This is a crucial step in improving your essays. The feedback helps you improve your review as well as writing skills. You can further discuss with your instructor what you did wrong and how you can improve your essays. Only by knowing what you did wrong allows you to correct your mistakes.

A mistake in structure, grammar, punctuation, or spelling can leave a bad impact on your grade and the overall enjoyment of your essay. It can also reflect upon the writer’s lack of effort to produce an error free and a well-structured essay. Still you need any help, you can search for writing service. Essay writing service attracts the students to get 100% quality work.

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