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Dog/Cat Music: Does my pet Like Music?

Planning to get an emotional support animal certification? Do my cat like music? Yes and no. Yes, your cat like music and no, it does not like your kind of music. Music for cats is a unique and new idea that focuses on creating music specifically for cats.

It all started when a National Symphony Orchestra cello soloist Davied Teie joined hands with animal scientists and created a perfect blend of the sounds and voices that would calm the cats. Ever since then, pet parents used cat music to soothe their anxious feline family members.

Need to go somewhere but don't know where to leave your cat/dog?

While we suggest that you take your legally register emotional support dog with you, we understand that sometimes you need to leave your beloved feline at home. With a collection of soothing cat music, you can leave kitty alone at home. She will love the groovy music and will be happy to relax and purr while listening to it. 

It will Soothe your Feline Friend

It is surprising to realize that ESA letter animals are so much like us. Just like humans, some cats can get stressed real quick and fast. Some signs of stress are screeching and scratching the furniture. Is kitty has been doing it lately? It is stressed and you can help it by playing some soothing cat music.

How to Find the Best Music for your Cat/Dog?

Before getting anything for kitty, make sure that you know the kind of music your cat likes. Do not confuse cat noises with the music that could calm your cat. Do you think that cat screaming and screeching noises will calm your kitty? We think not. However the process of ESA registration is very simple and easy

The best way of doing it is to search online and play it with kitty besides you. Notice how it behaves and reacts on each music. You can either stream it or find it on YouTube.

Cats are great for every type of accommodation and to live with your kitty peacefully, you will need more than an ESA letter for housing. You must make sure that the cat is comfortable living with you and you know how to calm it in case it is stressed.

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