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Doggy Sleep: Understanding your Dog's Sleep Pattern


Does your dog love to sleep? Worried if it is healthy and normal for it? Do you have an US service dog registry? For most of the part, sleeping for excessive hours is completely for your service and emotional support dogs.

On average, dogs spend about 12 to 14 hours in sleeping and the duration depends on a number of factors like age, size and activity level of the dog.

Do you undergo mental illness or emotional troubles and your doctor has prescribed you an emotional support animal? Well, most people don’t understand how ESAs can be helpful. This article aims to give information on how emotional support animals are advantageous for you. Whereas, have you applied for an ESA letter for housing?

The Size and Age of your Dog

Usually, dogs sleep for 12 to 14 hours a day and larger breeds sleep more than smaller breeds. Similarly, older dogs and puppies sleep more than an adult dog. Older dogs tire easily and quickly and need time to recover while the puppies spend their days playing and need sleep to refresh.

The ESA letter is a legitimate certificate that affirms your disability and the importance of your emotional support animal in your medication.

Activity Level of your Dog

Is you dog active but still does not sleep very often? Dogs like service dogs, working dogs and farm dogs sleep less than the ones that have a sedentary lifestyle. Dogs that have nothing or less to do spend their day napping and dozing off every now and then.

When your mind is troubled and becomes tired then it can be easily observed from your behavior and your emotional support dog letter or cat is master at understanding your mood and expression. He makes sure to grant comfort and ease to you by his intimate cuddles.

Scientists have found out that dogs’ sleep cycle is much like our own as they also experience REM (rapid eye movement) sleep phase where they often dream of chasing a squirrel.

How Much is Too Much?

If you’re an ESA letter online owner then you may have an idea of how fabulous and genius these furries are. Emotional support animals especially cats and dogs actually help you to motivate towards your goals.

Honestly, you just cannot tell. Unless there are some apparent changes in behavior and sleep cycle, no length of sleep is ‘too much’ for a dog. In case your dog is showing some warning signs like suddenly being too lazy or too active, then it is best to take it to the doctor.

Some of the most common sleep habits in dogs are:

  • Curling up in a ball
  • Active sleeping
  • Sleeping with belly up
  • Twitching in the sleep
  • Getting under the covers with you
  • Sprawled out sleeping position

All of these positions signal some form of your dog’s sleep pattern. However, if you are planning to get an ESA then make sure that you get your emotional support animal letter from a licensed therapist or a legitimate online provider.

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