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Functional fibres are the trend in the nonwovens industry The right choice of materials , such as functional fibers – is the change & up when developing high-quality convenience products. As a result, the decision for cellulose fibres from Lenzing laid the foundation stone in the direction of highly functional and very sustainable products. Finally, more and more functionality is expected from fibers. As a result, Lenzing is in full swing and takes on current topics. The main trends are such as optimised uptake and reduction of preservatives, disinfectant delivery, and sustainability as a general social issue. Reduction of preservatives Especially in the cosmetics industry, the trend towards the reduction of preservatives in the applied lotion shows. This effect is noticeable in several applications. This from face masks to personal care wipes. This poses new technical challenges for substrate manufacturers. This is why Lenzing is currently working on the development of fibers. This is to implement this new requirement profile, which promotes the reduction of certain preservatives. Supply and dispensing of disinfectants In addition, Lenzing works on fibers, which leads to an optimization of disinfectant intake and delivery. Household cleaning cloths make the everyday life of consumers easier and therefore enjoy growing customer groups. But here, too, the range of potentially applied substances is steadily decreasing. In addition, the high demands on the property of the substrate remain. For example, effective ingredients must be distributed evenly and generously. Dirt and undesirable liquids must be recovered. Sustainability a must The topic of sustainability already reaches a broad social basis and can no longer be ignored in the nonwovens industries. Due to their natural origin, Lenzing fibers have maximum sustainability. This applies to the production, as well as the 100% degradability of the Lenzing fibers. Thus, a higher proportion of Lenzing fibers in the final product leads to more sustainability. Meeting all regulatory requirements is another criterion for Lenzing fibers. A variety of environmental certificates and awards underline their environmental friendliness. 'We want to help our customers meet the growing demands for product performance and regulatory requirements. In addition, always to be one step ahead," explains Wolfgang Plasser, Vice President Global Business Management Nonwovens. 'We see the additional functionalization of cellulose fibres as the less-used opportunity so far. Synergy effects between carrier material and applied active substance are to be achieved. The special fibre TENCEL® in particular has a high potential for innovation," adds Plasser.

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