Getting Started

Getting Started Taking Notes With Wiznotes

Very quick start

Start taking notes by just opening Wiznotes for the very first time and type your notes. Then you can go and learn about more of Wiznotes features whenever you want.

Main aspects of Wiznotes Note Taking Software

In Wiznotes you will write your notes in pages. All pages are organized into groups of pages. These groups of pages are contained inside Wiznotebooks.

Wiznotes main screen

Wiznotes main screen is designed to allow you to see different controls when you want to and hide them when you want to maximize the main editing area for taking notes.


Many of Wiznotes functions can be activated from the ribbon that is at the top of the main screen. Some of the buttons may be familiar to you from other programs that you use. Other buttons will provide you with functions that are unique to Wiznotes Note Taking Software.


You can add and open pages in Wiznotes by using Wiznotes' navigator that is located to the right of the main screen.


Various assistants can be displayed at the bottom or on the left side of Wiznotes' main screen. Each assistant provides more specialized functions to help you to perform a wide spectrum of tasks.


Wiznotes provides comprehensive help in the 'Help' assistant. The 'Help' assistant is a very useful way for you to familiarize yourself with Wiznotes' wide spectrum of note taking functions.