Getting Help Using Wiznotes


Wiznotes provides comprehensive help in the 'Help' assistant which explains how to use Wiznotes Note Taking Software. There are various ways to open the 'Help' assistant. The easiest is to press on the small round help button on the top right hand side of Wiznotes' ribbon. The 'Help' assistant is a very useful way for you to familiarize yourself with Wiznotes' wide spectrum of functions.

Screen tips

Like many students you will probably want to start taking notes using Wiznotes as quickly as possible and learn about more of its features later on by exploring. A very easy way to do this is by using the screen tips that appear when you hover over any button on Wiznotes' ribbon.

By default many buttons provide quite extensive descriptions of what that button is for and how it can be used. While you are still starting to use Wiznotes you will probably find the verbosity very useful.

As you become more familiar with Wiznotes you may start to find the large screen tips distracting and even annoying. You can easily control how much information is displayed in these screen tips by going to the 'Help' section of the ribbon's 'Help' tab. if you want to switch off the screen tips completely you can even do that in the 'My Preference' section of the ribbons' 'File' menu.

Even veteran note taking users of Wiznotes will occasionally want to see lengthy descriptions of particular buttons. Wiznotes has the ideal button for this situation. Near the top right hand side of Wiznotes there is a small toggle button that allows you to temporarily view complete screen tip information of the ribbons' button. After you have finished viewing the screen tips that you wanted to see you can push this toggle button out again. Alternatively, after 5 minutes Wiznotes' ribbon will automatically revert to your previous screen tip setting. In this way you will be able to remain focused on your note taking. In order to learn or be reminded how to use this note taking software your attention will not be diverted any more than necessary.