Wiznotes Ribbon


Many of Wiznotes functions for taking notes can be activated from the ribbon that is at the top of the main screen. Some of the buttons may be familiar to you from other programs that you use. Other buttons will provide you with productivity note taking functions that are unique to Wiznotes. These buttons have comprehensive screen tips that enable you to quickly learn about their features.

The controls on the ribbon automatically realign themselves according to how wide you display Wiznotes. This enhances your experience when you have a lot of screen space and also still provide you with all the functions when your screen space is more limited.

The various buttons are organized into different tabs that relate to different note taking tasks that you are trying to implement with the help of Wiznotes.

All the buttons on the ribbon have screen tips that help you to learn and remember what the buttons are for and how to use them.

Home Tab

The 'Home' tab of Wiznote's ribbon includes many functions that you will find in word processing software. Buttons for these functions can be found in the 'Clipboard', 'Section', 'Basic Text' and 'Editing' sections of the 'Home' tab.

In contrast to word processing software, Wiznotes has large buttons for numbering and bullets. As a student taking notes in lectures or using Wiznotes as a tool to help you review your course material, you will very often want to enumerate items in a list. For this reason the insert numbered lists and bullets buttons take a very prominent position on the ribbon.

Another very important button for students taking notes is Wiznotes' unique 'New Collapsible Section' button. Other special buttons on the home tab are ones that can be used for inserting popup notes and emphasizing your notes with categorized highlighting.

Insert Tab

The 'Insert' tab provides you with the ability to add various things into your notes. The more common functions can be found on the left side of the ribbon whereas more specialized note taking functions are towards the right.

Review Tab

The 'Review' tab is specifically designed to be used when you want to review your notes. You will find this tab particularly useful when you want to get ready for your exams.

The 'Section' part of this tab does not include the 'New Collapsible Section' button. Instead there are several buttons that you can use for collapsing and expanding sections. The most prominent button is the 'View Outline' button since you will probably find it very useful to view your notes in a hierarchical tree format.

Research Tab

You will find the 'Research' tab useful when you have already written your notes and want to understand the subject matter in greater depth. The 'Search' section of the 'Research' tab helps you to lookup different online information and link them to your notes.

Help Tab

There are two aspects of the 'Help' tab. The beginning part of the 'Help' tab gives you the ability to find out more information about how to use Wiznotes. The rest of the 'Help' tab provides you with various tools that you can use in order to retrieve any notes that might have been deleted by mistake.

File Tab

This part of the ribbon provides you with various functions that you probably will not use on a regular basis, but might need to use them occasionally.

Quick Access Toolbar

Like ribbons in other software, Wiznotes' ribbon has a 'Quick Access' toolbar at the top. If you right-click on any button you will be able to add it to the 'Quick Access' toolbar so that it will be available for you to use no matter which tab of the ribbon is currently being displayed.