Faster Note Taking With Quick Text


Quick text is a feature that helps you take notes faster by providing you with phrases that you probably want to type. Instead of having to type the whole phrase you will be able to just press on your keyboard's TAB key and it will be inserted for you.

Type Faster

The 'Quick Text' feature is designed to allow Wiznotes software to help you to speed up your note taking. If you do not want to use any of the phrases that are suggested to you in a dropdown list, you can just continue typing and the suggested phrases will just disappear. However, if as you type your notes you see the phrase that you want to use, you can easily insert it without having to type the whole phrase by pressing TAB.

How to use 'Quick Text'

When a list of possible phrases appears, the actual phrase that you want might be the phrase that is selected. In this case all you need to do is to press on TAB and that phrase will be inserted at the place where you are typing. If the phrase that you want appears in the list but is not selected, you could select it using the up and down arrows on your keyboard. Another way to select the phrase that you want is to just continue typing the phrase. As you continue typing, the list of possible phrases will be narrowed and eventually your phrase will be the one that is selected. In many cases this second method will be quicker.

Relevance of selected phrases

The more you use Wiznotes the more you will find that the phrases suggested to you are actually the phrases that you want to type. This is because Wiznotes uses special algorithms that try to identify which phrases you are likely to want. When there are several possible phrases, they will all be presented to you in a drop down list. The most likely phrase that you may want to use will be selected in the list.

The algorithms that try to identify your typing patterns run in the background while you are taking notes using Wiznotes software. Therefore if there are phrases that you start to use quite often in the current page that you are writing, you may be surprised to find that within a short space of time that phrase will be presented to you when you start to type it again.

Like other users of Wiznotes, you will probably find this feature so useful and helpful that you will miss it when you type in other programs.

Create your own 'Quick Text' phrases

If there is a certain phrase that you particularly want to be included in the 'Quick Text' phrases, you can manually add it to the list of possible phrases. All you need to do is to select the phrase and then press on the 'Add Phrase To Quick Text' button that is in the 'Clipboard' section of the ribbon's 'Home' tab.