Using Wiznotebooks For Taking Notes

Create new wiznotebook

As mentioned in a previous tutorial about the main aspects of taking notes with Wiznotes, your notes are stored in wiznotebooks. You can create a new wiznotebook by clicking on the 'New Wiznotebook' button located on the navigator's toolbar. You will be required to give a name to your new wiznotebook. After you create a new wiznotebook, a button will appear on the wiznotebooks' vertical toolbar located on the right-hand side of Wiznotes' navigator. The text on the button will be the name that your provided for that wiznotebook. Any time that you want to view the contents of that wiznotebook you can click on that button.

Special groups of pages

Every new wiznotebook has 2 groups of pages that cannot be deleted:

  • A group called 'General'. You can use this group in order to store general notes related to the wiznotebook. This group will always contain a page that cannot be deleted called 'Notes'.
  • A group called 'Deleted Pages'. Any time you delete pages in a wiznotebook they will be moved to this section. If you want to delete the pages permanently you can right-click on that particular page in the 'Deleted Pages' group and select 'Delete Permanently'. If you want to permanently delete all pages in the 'Deleted Pages' group you can right-click on the group button and select 'Empty Deleted Pages...'.

Moving wiznotebooks

You can change the order of the buttons that represent your different wiznotebooks on the wiznotebooks vertical toolbar . You can do this by just dragging and dropping the buttons.

Opening and closing wiznotebooks

You can select which wiznotebooks appear on the wiznotebooks vertical toolbar. Any wiznotebooks that you do not want to be visible on that vertical toolbar will need to be closed. You can close a wiznotebook by right-clicking on it and selecting 'Close'.

When you want to open a wiznotebook that you have closed, you will need to select 'Open Wiznotebook...' in the 'File' menu of Wiznotes' ribbon. This will cause the 'Open Wiznotebook' to appear. You will then need to select the wiznotebook that you want to open and press the 'Open' button.


You can view information about the author of a wiznotebook by right-clicking on the button of that wiznotebook and select 'Author...'.

Import and Export

You can export a wiznotebook by right-clicking on that wiznotebook's button and selecting 'Export...' in the context menu. This can be useful if you want to share notes that you have taken with someone else.